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End of stem pain after total hip replacement

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Hello @amber67, and welcome to Connect.

I would like to introduce @mnpat, @grandmacheryl, @popolopo, and @sma1952, who have all had hip replacements and may be able to talk about their experience with recovery and pain related symptoms.

I am also inviting @success10, @chief917, @Adrainpalmer, @learningtolive2, to return and share their experiences with pain and recovery after a hip revision.

@amber67, would you mind explaining exactly what end of stem pain is? How are you getting around after your hip revision, other than the pain?

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I do not know what end of stem pain is but I still have lots of pain in the outside upper leg. They think it is mostly nerve and muscle pain ,maybe the same as you. This replacement of my hip was in 2015 due to arthritis. I take gabapentin, tylenal3,and extra strength tylenal. I can walk without a cane but use a walking stick often. Doctors tell me to try more exercises but that is too painful if I do more than a few minutes.

Oh my goodness, I can not believe someone answered.  I have never been able to walk without a cane or walker. A few months after the partial in July 2015, I started having sever pain when I put pressure on the operated side to walk. I can stand and sit without pain, but can not put pressure on it to walk. Went to surgeon in January 2016, he said a revision to a full was necessary to correct the pain in the thigh. Went thru the full revision to a full hip in may 2016.  Eight months later after the revision, the same pain and  still on walker,  the pain at the stem along with the inner and outer thigh is so bad, it requires a walker or the leg will buckle and I will fall. I have had a bone scan, nerve conductor test and blood work to rule out infection, loose stem, and nerves. All were negative. I am at my wits end. I have had the exact pain since July 2015, so far no answers as to why, except end of stem pain and the stem is stiffer than bone. Thank you for any help that you can give me Please ask me any questions that you need that may help. 

No one has explained what end of stem cell is.

Hello everyone. 63yr active female. I too had hip replacement July 3rd 2018. Text book the doc said. Returned to work and within half hour "End stem pain"!!. Has not given in . Cannot work in a fast paced hospital environment if I can't walk. Very dishearting.
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