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@mcphee I agree with @predictable I also have high calcium caused by hyperparathyroidism. It can affect many areas of your health. Ask for a blood test to check the parathyroid hormone. Then, if it is high, ask for a scan of the parathyroid. Best wishes and keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.

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@gailfaith here. Even though my PCP said to ignore my high blood calcium which have been high for years as the surgical risks are so high at my age (80), I still flew out to Mayo in Minnesota this past June. I had read on the internet that you should find a surgeon that does at least 3 a week successfully and each with 15 minutes. I was sure a surgeon out there would that level of expertise. Dr. Melanie Richards told me she as done over 4500 and she only does thyroid and parathyroid surgery and she works only 3 days a week. After the tests mentioned that were in another discussion were completed out there, she only needed to removed one of the four. They can tell during surgery how many they need to remove. Now my blood Ca levels are in the normal range. I will be sending her the results of my current lab tests next week which my local endocrinologist is ordering for me. Needless to say surgery was a success and I was on a plane the next morning headed for home.

Hello @gailfaith, I'm so pleased to hear of your successful surgery. I'm also glad that you mentioned the name of the surgeon. Sounds like you had a great Mayo experience!

Thank you for your post.See above reply.

Thank you for your post.
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Hello @gailfaith Thanks for sharing your experience. I have a post and had a 2450 calcium score. Was wondering if after your surgery,have you had another CAT chest scan for a new calcium score. It is unclear to me the correlation between plaque in the arteries and a high calcium score. Have read enough about the surgery and I believe you picked the right Doctor. Thanks, Botexas

How does hyperparathyroidism affect your health?