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I am a young (using young loosely :-)) 44 year old African American woman who was diagnosed with bilateral blood clots on June 8, 2017. I was in the hosptial for 6 days. After running several tests the doctors concluded that my blood clots and DVT were factored from wearing a walking boot and sitting most of the day. I have been on Rivaroxaban (Xarelto) 20 mg a day for the past seven months. After conducting several blood tests and having an ultra sound in both my legs (DVT started in my left leg), my oncologist is looking to take me off of Xarelto. She stated she no need for me to be on it the rest of my life. Especially seeing that the blood thinner side effect provoked extra heavy bleeding during my cycle causing me to become anemic (Im taking iron pills three times a day). Natually, I am concerned and scared to come off of the blood thinner as I do not wish for another episode to occur or worse. Can I switch to aspirin and more “natural” herbal vitamins?

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Hi @skeelen, apologies for not seeing your message sooner. I’m also tagging @predictable and @gr82balive to join this discussion.

Skeelen, you mention that your oncologist is the specialist recommending that you be taken off Xarelto. Are you also being treated for cancer? Certain cancers can have strong blood-clotting tendency and an oncologist would be the best to advise you on alternatives. Is a cardiologist also being consulted in the decision-making? You are right in asking questions. What did you decide in the end?

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