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76 yr old female after two episodes was diagnosed with a fib…Been on Xarelto 18 months…NO problems whatsoever…In fact whether it’s the benefit of Xarelto or the other 4 drugs the cardiologist prescribed I feel so much better than in the last few years ! Wishing the same good luck for you too ! Sally

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@misssassy, Hi Sally. My name is Rosemary. I want to extend my hand and welcome you to Mayo Connect. Thank you for posting this information about your successful treatment. I know that there are members who will be happy to see this, and perhaps have some questions for you, too. This is wonderful to hear that you are having such good results!
Sally, Would you tell us a little about yourself? How long have you been dealing with heart issues?

@misssassy, I share Rosemary’s encouragement from your having good results in therapy for A-fib. I would add that the results are all the more encouraging because they might be fundamental rather than medication-related. I say that because Xarelto is not a med used to treat A-fib. It is an anticoagulant that protects against blood clots developing in the chambers of your heart — it’s a preventive, not a curative medication. So you may be the beneficiary of improvement in your body’s ability to deal with A-fib. To be more certain about this, perhaps you’ll have the chance to ask your cardiologist whether Xarelto is also treating your A-fib symptoms, and if not, what accounts for your progress against A-fib? I was diagnosed with A-fib two years ago, but had irregular heart rhythms for a number of years before that; I was one of those who had the good fortune of being only slightly symptomatic for years — so much so that the A-fib wasn’t showing graphically on my EKG until 2015. My anticoagulant since then has been Coumadin, and I’m doing fine, but your experience would be helpful to me. If you can, give us an update as you take more steps through your therapy. Martin

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