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Hi @trish602,

@grandmajan, @zenk, @yoanne, @predictable, @martishka, @donnelson, @frank4848, @gonefishinmt, @murryone, @ezra, have all discussed Xarelto, although for different conditions, and I hope they can offer their thoughts on the drug.

@trish602, may I ask if you have been on Xarelto, or are you concerned about your symptoms being a side effect of Xarelto?

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Replies to "Hi @trish602, @grandmajan, @zenk, @yoanne, @predictable, @martishka, @donnelson, @frank4848, @gonefishinmt, @murryone, @ezra, have all discussed Xarelto,..."

Hello: I have been on Xarelto since 2013. Was formerly on Warfarin for 10 years prior to that. PE was the original reason. Then A-Fib kicked in and more blood clots followed. Since going on Xarelto whenever I must have any procedure where I go off the Xarelto I experience excruciating back pain. This sends me to the ER and it has happened 3 times. I now need two more procedures done and a basal cell removed and fear going off the Xarelto again because I fear the back pain again. It was that bad. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this. I did have back surgery 10 years ago due to a fall. I am seeking others with this same problem. I have notified any and all doctors that I come in contact including notifying the FDA of this problem. No one has ever heard of this, although back pain is mentioned in Xarelto’s warning list it is very small and way down on the list.

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