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Excessive mucus without cough

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@hishamhussain, I am very concerned that you NOT give up until you feel you have received a diagnosis YOU are comfortable with! I always say that you are given but one body in this lifetime .. and if you do not take good care of it .. IT CANNOT take good care of you!

What does this mean? YOU must be your OWN best advocate! Nobody cares about your body as much as you do. That you MUST continue to research .. GET COPIES of any/all records of EACH/EVERY doctor you see for YOURSELF to keep in your possession-only allow a new doctor to take copies .. continue to seek out doctors until YOU feel you have been given a definitive diagnosis. TOO MANY of us have been misdiagnosed prior to finally receiving our correct diagnosis. Remember: “If it is to be .. it is up to YOU!” Keep plugging along .. keep asking questions .. keep researching .. until you find your answers.

I have said that I read an article years ago about a woman who went to SEVENTEEN doctors before she received a correct diagnosis! I kept this in mind as I raised my children .. never giving up if I felt I was not getting the correct answers!

WHEN you feel you have received the accurate diagnosis .. do what you are told .. follow the instructions .. THEN just live your life as happily and serenely as you possibly can. Our diseases are NOT “Who” we are .. they are merely a “Piece” of who we are! Sending you a hug in this difficult time! Katherine

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What great advice. For being an avid researcher, this helps assure me all the time I’ve spent researching my own symptoms and CT chest images has not been in vain – especially since I have not felt the first Pulmonologist I saw so far (at a hospital in my city) has taken me seriously enough to really listen instead of coming to her own quick conclusions from the first visit.

When you discern from your first visit that the doctor you’re seeing is not on the same page and see consistencies to prove this at follow up visits, it is a good indication to continue to do one’s own research and get a second opinion. The journey continues…. 😊