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Just wanted to say “Hi”. this month marks 20 yrs since my first symptom of PD… February 1997. Generally speaking, until last April (2016) my PD has been a problem but not what I would call a disability. but starting last April I have had an accelerated progression…freezing (if the doorbell or phone rings, I’m stuck to the floor) and near falls (have only hit the floor twice luckily). My medication drops off very quickly now and I have to plan trips to the gym or grocery store around my “window of opportunity” as I call it. Well, that’s all for now. 🙂

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Welcome David. I’m glad you took your 20 year anniversary as an occasion to share your PD experience with the group. I’m sorry to hear about the accelerated progression however. Have you made any changes in your home to help remove obstacles or reduce the harm that may come from falling?

Hello @david59. Thanks for your post. It is good to have you as part of our group. I’m sorry to hear of the sudden change in your symptoms. This must be very difficult for you. What does your doctor say about this change in your condition? Will new meds be tried? It sounds as if you are dealing with this change as best as you can. Please meet some of the other members of our group, @chrisj2491 @denie57 @johnjames @trouble4343 @ggopher @tntredhead @aperob @caryp43 @burgle @macbeth @knightkris. These folks have proven to make the most of their life with PD and I think you will enjoy getting to know them. They may be able to offer you some perspective on how to handle these sudden changes. Keep in touch with us, we look forward to getting to know you and supporting you through these changes. Teresa

@david59 Hi David: We haven’t heard from you in about a month. How are you doing? Any changes in your symptoms since you last checked in with us? We would appreciate hearing from you and knowing how you are doing. Please keep in touch. Teresa

hi. sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I’m still here. Symptoms are the same. there is a fine line to getting the right dose of medication. too much and I am very much the victim of uncontrolled arm and leg movements (only on my left side curiously). too small of a dose and I feel great until I try to stand up and walk. my doctor really has no advice except for me to consider DBS, which I don’t want to do. one thing that does work in the short term is vigorous exercise. I’m good on the elliptical and the bicycle. it really reduces my symptoms.

@david59 Thanks for letting us know how you are doing. Exercise is great. Many of the YMCA’s in my area have a Peddling for Parkinson Program but I know of a lot of PD folks who have an exercise bike and pedal on their own. I’m glad that you found what works for you. Hopefully, the meds will get adjusted for you. Teresa

Teresa- thank you for always helping me in many ways- and for your willingness to do so. what can I do to help your research???

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