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@tntredhead Incontinence is an issue that can be related to Parkinson’s and probably dementia as well. If you have not used the adult diapers, especially at night, that would be a great idea and it would give you a better night’s sleep. Some are made especially for nighttime use. You could also check with your husband’s doctor to see what other medical issue might be involved (perhaps a urinary tract infection) especially is this is a new problem. Keep us posted and let us know how he (and you) are doing.

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If you were satisfied with the assisted living and can afford it…PLEASE give yourself a break and have him readmitted. Depleting yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally is not going to help you or your husband, My daughter likes to remind me that when there are problems on a plane, the order is to put your oxygen mask on first before you help someone else.