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In 2008 I had knee replacement go bad. It got infected and dr that did surgery wouldn't take it out. Even after being on iv antibiotics still running temps 104 one time was admitted to hospital 105.3. He wouldn't listen to Infectious disease dr. She said you need to go somewhere else. Went to Mayo they took out waited 3 months thought it was clean that got infected. Numerous surgies including muscle flap on knee to try keep it in. Finally took out and waited several months then put in rod to fuse leg. After 10 months that got infected so they had to take out. Surgeon had a really hard time getting it out and fractured my tronchanteric in hip. Very hard fracture to heal had plate wires put in but didnt heal and have broken all wires and is displaced fracture. I have hip dysplasia in that hip also. So....17 surgeries on leg, fused leg, hip fracture, dysplasia now back giving me problems I have nerve ablations done with all back stuff. My good knee now bad as I use it so much had scope done took out bone chips almost all meniscus. I mentioned to my hip/knee surgeon several times about pain rehabilitation he says wont help. Im always going to have pain. Need new hip, knee on good side and back surgery but they are scared to because of risk of infection. I know theyre frustrated. A month ago had stem cell and PRP done at Mayo out if pocket cost. My body doesnt like hardware. Had numerous infections including VRE and MRSA. Ive been on pain meds long time want to quit. Tried acupuncture and massage didnt help. Im always in pain even with meds. Was recently to Pain Clinic at Mayo they said not much they can do suggested Pain Rehabilitation Program.
Fears are program is 5 days 8 to 5 for 3 weeks. I cant hardly sit for more than hour, walking painful, I use walker for stability as dr says dont fall your fused leg will probably break in pieces. Im scared of the pain during the program and endurance. The form they have is your primary dr to complete with restrictions etc. I dont know if all the drs in the program work with your problems what they expect etc. Also should I contact my ortho drs before I enter program to see if there are physical things I shouldn't do.
Sorry about the book but thought needed to give the big picture.
Thanks for your help. I dont know what to do and am anxious about program but I'm out of options.

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Mayo saved my life but drs can only do so much

No need to apologize about thoroughly explaining your situation, that is what this community is for. I see that you have been active in many different discussions which is great to see.

I will try to address your main question by introducing you to @dawn_giacabazi. She has gone through the Mayo Clinic pain rehabilitation program and may be able to offer you some insight on what to expect.

Thank you so much! It helps so much to find out from others their experiences etc. I want so much to go and hearing from others lessons the anxiety of the unknown

Go for it, girl. Never give up. I think it would be good to get the blessing from your Ortho doc.

I feel so badly for you. Yet, we all accept this kind of care. The VREs the MRSAs and we didn't cause it. It's like we are expected to clean up the MDs mess. I lost my life, husband, house, life, friends due to continuous md errors. I know I am synical,
however we, the patients have to live the rest of our lives in pain and you think meditation is going to fix your mistakes, meaning MDs. It's very hard for me to go from a millionaire to living alone on Soc. dis. And no future. I have tried everything in nearly ten years.
I feel for that patient.