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Celebrate your Transplant Blessings

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Hello; I'm just joining this group today. I wanted to comment on subject of sharing our feelings about donors and undergoing transplant and survival.

I also find that when I share on FaceBook I rarely get likes or comments from others. People who have not walked the walk do not know what we have gone through to survive. I think people realize that crictal illness does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone at anytime. People do not know what to say or react to illness. It is the same way with blindness; people can say the darndest things to me when they find out I am blind. Some people talk really loud to me like I am deaf also. They talk to my husband instead of me like he knows all the answers and I do not know anything.

When one struggles to survive a critical illness like cancer, transplant surgery, or millions of other diseases, they need all the support they can get. Some times it takes a village to provide support for the situation. I am so glad I have found all of you and can share my feelings with people who have walked the walk.

Thanks to all who have responded. If I can be of help, I will be happy to answer all questions.


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@chattykathy CK, you are a wise woman. I agree that people do not know what to say, and even if they care, they are afraid to step out of their comfortable shell. I have changed since my transplant experience. I have learned that I can look someone in the eyes, someone who is suffering with any number of conditions, and say, "I understand". I may not know the details, but I think understand the value of a genuine hug and free flowing tears.

Someone with a whole lot more 'smarts' than me, started Connect as an online community where you can share your experiences and find support from people like you. And as a place to ask questions and get answers. So I guess we are in a sense a virtual village!


@chattykathy Ouch, you hit a sore spot! I have had people talk to my husband and ignore me too, and it's insane! I am every bit as intelligent as he is so why? We dealt with a real estate woman once who was like this. That was it, I would NEVER buy a house from her. So, I don't think that is just because you are blind, although that does contribute. I developed a hearing problem about 12 years ago and wear hearing aids. Sometimes someone calls for me on the phone and I ask them to speak a little bit louder and I have had them ask me to get my husband! Arrggggghhhh
I too am on facebook and put two different things up being a donor about 5 days apart. Not one response to it. Generally there are many responses or reactions. Go figure.

Good news ladies! We are having driveway and patio re paved. The backhoe operator told us that he never does a job with out getting the woman's approval first:-)

@rosemarya The backhoe operator is a smart man. 😉

@contentandwell, @chattykathy
Well, even in our modern society, people remain sexist and do not interact with those with disabilities in an appropriate way. My freshman daughter is minoring in Disability Studies which is about changing the way people view disabilities and interact with those with disabilities and she continues to be amazed by pepeople's ignorance. I'm just going to continue to post things about transplants and organ shortages and they can ignore it if they choose.