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You’ve been delt a stressful blow buddy. I think your insomnia was inevitable.
How about some over the counter sleep meds.
Hang in there.

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Hey Jake. Tonite I’m gonna try taking 5 mg’s if melatonin and 220 mg’s of L-Tryptophan. I have been reading up on this and hopefully it works. Cant handle the next day after only getting 3 hrs of sleep the night before. I’m gonna speak with my Doc about this when I see her in a few weeks. Pharmacist suggested Benadryl but it didnt do anything for me. Hopefully all will come together soon. Waiting for my blood test results as well as those xrays are not helping. Enjoy your night Jake.

@shaker1956 I have read that more than 3 mg of melatonin can cause nightmares so be aware. I take 3 often. If I absolutely need to sleep I take 1/2 Benadryl and for me it does the trick. If I’m really desperate I take a 5 mg lorazepam. My doctor only gives me 10 pills a year so I use them very judiciously.

Hi there Content. My pills are 5 mg’s so I’m gonna try one tonite. I just need a really good sleep. And thanks for the info. I was contemplating taking 2 pills but I’m not now. Lol. The pharmacist suggested I take 1 and see where that takes me. Hopefully combined with Tryptophan 220 mg’s will do the trick. Fingers and toes and eyes are all crossed!!!!!! Lolol

@shaker1956 I hope you do get a good night of sleep. I reserve the lorazepam for times when I’ve gone a few nights with inadequate sleep. I hope you do not get nightmares, I’m glad you are not taking two pills.

Hi again Content. Is Lorazepam the generic name for Ativan? I hope I dont get nightmares also. I will post in the morning.

Hi again Content. No nightmares. And even got 2 hrs of extra sleep. But I must say I do feel weird when I get up in the morning after taking this Melatonin stuff. Feel almost spaced out. I went to the health food store and they asked me if I wanted to try this spray called Rescue. Apparently its very calming. Revues are good. If you wake up in the mddle of the night and cant get back to sleep, well you take 2 sprays of ths on ur tongue and it helps you get back to sleep. Will try it tonight when—- not if I wake up. Lol. Enjoy your day.

@shaker1956 Glad you found something that helped. I have no effect in the morning when I take it, but if I take a whole Benedryl I do. I don't think Benedryl is a good thing to take regularly but it does help me so I take it sometimes.
I will have to look into this "Rescue" spray and see if it is something allowable for post-transplant patients.

Hi Content. Had another pretty good sleep last night. Woke up a few time and used that spray. It seems to be working. Hope it works again tonite. Enjoy your day

@shaker1956 Yes, they are the same.

@shaker1956 I'm glad you are having success with it. I will definitely need to look into it. Thanks.

Hi content. This stuff doesnt seem to be helping any longer. Was good for the first few nights but seems to have lost its zip. I’m still using it but still staying awake After 4 am or so. Mind you I have a lot of stress going on in my life right
now that is certainly not helping. Enjoy your day

@shaker1956 Sorry to hear this. The half of a Benadryl works wonders for me but actually too much! I rely on waking about an hour or so before I have to get up, to take my medications, prior to eating, and with the Benadryl I sleep more soundly and sometimes do not wake up then. I really do not want to set my alarm and wake my husband too. I did have a Fitbit Versa watch for a while and that was perfect, you could set it to vibrate on your wrist, but I returned it because it was not tracking the activities do very well.

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