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Thank you!!

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Hello @terryviazanko,

I’d like to ‘officially’ welcome you, and let you know that we are so glad you’ve joined us. We look forward to getting to know you, and I’m certain that @janicepike @debcrawford @lynnkay1956 @rmcmillan @lisa7 @margie11 @ninimurphy @mbcube @Sensation @vivian88 will join in with their insights, too.
@terryviazanko, will you tell us a bit more about you and HCM?

Sorry, so much going on in my life I’m taking care of 2 year old grandson. I have midventriculat obstruction with apical aneurysm.my gradient has improved since 480 mg of Verapamil but I’m exhausted and ache in all joints. I’m on blood thinner too. Probably need surgery. Will find out soon.