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Hi, I added my profile ..Not sure if I’m hooked up right.HCM is my prob. My user name is fitchizumi saw it on member list but now I don’t.

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Welcome, @fitchizumi. I can see your profile here: http://mayocl.in/2tx2mJX. To see your profile or anyone else’s profile, simply click their @name. In your bio, you mentioned that you’re having trouble with meds. Are you managing HCM with medication at this time? What issues are you having? Is surgery an option for you?

Yes I have lots of drug allergies . Yes a blood thinner and verapamil 120mg. It’s been changed lots of times.Exhaustion all the time.
Don’t know about surgery. Dr. Said something else would kill me. I might be to old plus I have other health problems some long term chronic.

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