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Good afternoon all. I am a 45 yr old male who was diagnosed about 2 years ago with HCM. Things have progressed to the point that I am having/need the surgery. Have to admit I am a bit terrified, but know I am in Great hands at Mayo. I have also had a couple major surgeries for some unrelated issues, so I have a general sense of the hospital experience.

I have had a history of back problems, and from reading this board, seems like this is a common struggle post surgery. I am thinking I need to go out and buy a recliner to sleep in when I return home….any advice from those who have gone through the recovery process? I have sleep apnea, and do use a CPAP, but have never been able to sleep flat on my back, so I am trying to get something worked out before the procedure.

This all became real this past week, so I am reeling a bit and sure will have additional questions….so thanks in advance for your help.


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Welcome to Connect HCM, @ataylor8668.
You’ve come to the right place to get your questions answered about your upcoming HCM surgery at Mayo Clinic. You’ll notice that I moved your message to the introductions thread so you can meet other members like. Allow me to introduce you to a few others who have had surgery at Mayo. Please meet @cynaburst @lynnkay1956 @PatMattos @janicepike @ronaldpetrovich @mbcube
@lisa7 @vivian88 and so many others. They can help answer your recovery questions.

You may also wish to read this discussion thread: “What is the recovery like following septal myectomy?” http://mayocl.in/2fdCxHz

Good question about the CPAP machine and surgery. @dawn_giacabazi might have something to add about that in particular. You can also find additional discussions about CPAP in the Sleep Health group: http://mayocl.in/2kSSYM6

Hi @ataylor8668 – Sorry you have to have surgery, but glad you are going to a great place.

I did buy myself a recliner for after surgery, and honestly, I found I didn’t need it. I slept better propped up with pillows and sleeping partially on my side on the couch. In fact, at Mayo I had a suite and found the sofa more comfortable for sleeping than the bed.

I wrote a blog about my myectomy experience at Mayo which you may find interesting, though it has been quite a few years ago now:


I have started a new blog that is generally about HCM which has a page of resources about preparing for myectomy which you also may find interesting:
Wishing you all the best as you go forward. Let us know how we can help advise you further.

I was a HAPPY camper in my recliner. Just shows what works for one, and not the other. A day short of 14 weeks out of my myectomy.

I want to bring up the real facts on teeth cleaning, and having a colonoscopy. I am 14 weeks out, and was under the impression that I could get my teeth cleaned after 3 months. Especially after spending thousand dollars and more on periodontal disease before the surgery. It was quit the fiasco going back and forth with the dentist office, and finally getting to the real reason and truth behind the reasoning. I was told that they don t want you to have anytjing done for 6 months. Not to risk any infection. The same goes for a colonoscopy. I am contacting Mayos patient advisery people to hopefully put it in the guides, for after surgery.

Thanks for the response. I am planning on having my teeth looked at by my dentist in the next week or so (if he can squeeze me in) as I was scheduled for July- which is too soon after the surgery. Think I will invest in a recliner. Thanks

First, you are in great hands. In my case, (I had a septal myectomy and double bypass in Dec of 15) the surgery dramatically improved my health. The Mayo team was wonderful from everyone I was in contact with. (Full disclosure,I work here in Public Affairs) I could tell my heart was pumping so much better even after the first day. When it was quiet I could hear the strong heart beats, which I never could before. With that said, the experience was tough the first two days, but it improved quickly. I would recommend that you aggressively try walking and push yourself and enroll in cardiac rehab if at all possible. I would strongly recommend a recliner. We didn’t have one after the surgery and that would be one of the first things we would have done in hindsight. It was really hard to get up off the couch or out of bed the first three weeks. I felt like a turtle. Good luck.