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Hi, my name is Vivian and I am from Taipei, Taiwan. I had my apical myectomy at Mayo in Rochester in Sep. 2015. I have been doing well since surgery and am now back to normal life. So grateful to Mayo Clinic! I had midventricular obstruction and an apical aneurysm…. history of Afib and VT…. episodes of TIA….. I underwent a catheter ablation procedure in Taiwan to control my arrhythmias before I ventured out to Mayo last year. I do not have an ICD or pacemaker implanted. I hope to interact more with the rest of you and hope to be a source of help to other HCM patients.

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I’ve got apical cardiomyopathy so look forward to hearing what you have to say as I understand apical is quite rare. I’m going to tune in to the Mayo webinar on 2nd November

Welcome to Connect, Vivian. I think it is safe to say, from the group sharing here, you have traveled the furthest to come to Mayo Clinic. How long did you stay in Rochester before being able to travel back to Taipei?

Hi Colleen, I stayed in Rochester for exactly 7 weeks post surgery before I travelled home to Taipei, Taiwan. The flight was 17 hours.

@mistymopps3 from what I understand, apical variant happens more in East Asians. I am Chinese. Within the Asian population, about 20-25% of all HCMers have the apical variant. Whereas in the US and Europe, only 1-2% of HCMers are apical. I am HOCM with mid ventricular obstruction and an apical aneurysm. This is probably the worst kind of HCM one can have.

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