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Hi, Dave here. I am 56 and was diagnosed with HCM last year while dealing with A-Fib. Looking back now my doctors think my A-Fib (last year), High Blood Pressure (diagnosed 6 years ago), and mitral valve regurgitation (8 years ago) are all from the HCM. I was cardioverted last year to get back in rhythm but have continued with severe fatigue and pressure when doing activities. At my annual A-Fib check they did more testing (Echo, Stress, and MRI) and said my HCM has increased to being obstructive. I am scheduled next week (10/31) for pre-op and then a septal myectomy on 11/1. I am looking forward to feeling better (not relishing the thought of surgery) but this site has helped me to hear the results many of you have received. Thanks for the encouragement and the updates! I plan to do my part as well going forward to help others facing this prospect. Dr. Schaff is my surgeon and I am very pleased with what I have read and heard from all of you regarding the good care at Mayo. Thanks, Dave.

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Welcome to Connect, Dave.
November 1 is just around the corner. You’re in good hands with Dr. Schaff. We’re happy to accompany you on the myectomy journey. You’ll get tonnes of support from this group. Might I suggest you start a new discussion specifically about going for surgery soon. That way you can ask your questions, get answers and support AND the discussion thread will be there to help future new members when they prepare for surgery and post surgery.

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