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Fibromyalgia pain: Let's connect

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Hi There, I think I’ve just met my sister from another mother. My life is almost identical to yours. I live in the middle of 70 acres of land so I rarely get to see people all week.. Even on weekends I see people but I can’t really talk to them as they’re just enjoying the property. Once a month or when I’m feeling up to it, I go out and talk to someone. Plus, I’ve had two spinal surgeries and a knee replacement. Turns out I’m allergic to the titanium implants. Now that pain has been heightened by the fibro. Sometimes I feel like I’m in hell on earth. I used to be able to get around better until the back op. It was from S1 to T12.
Most days I stay laying in bed for about a half hour, take my meds go lay down watch a couple of my favorite shows.. After that, I scream at myself to stop being such a baby and picture some of the patients that I’ve seen at MGH That really helps me to drag myself out of bed and take a nice hot bath. Going to get a nice soft massage is a relief. For however much time you can afford. I’d rather go to the spa than eat. Also, my husband bought me a massager with two big round devices on the end. I feel it works for a while and gets the blood moving.—-Doctors say that better blood flow helps heal the body faster, it’s worth a shot. Try to shop on line if you can. I buy myself a lot of beautiful clothes(in the size I’d like to be). I shop at expensive stores, sometime for hours.
In the end I have to go back and delete all of the items I’ve “purchased”, but it was fun for a while. If you’re not into clothes that much, just look at things you’ve always wanted to have. One more thing, I’ve noticed that there a lot of clinical trials out there. Just my sister sent me a medical magazine and it had several talks on Fibro. Keep Praying! Carol

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@chari978 Not into clothes shopping nor shopping of any kind. Being an animal lover I enjoy viewing images and still like to learn. Can no longer be the outdoor person I have always been. When I go into the negative self talk about the problems that have changed my life it does not help one bit.
I have said this many times that fibro (any type of chronic pain) is not for wimps. I also like to look at all of the wonderful art supplies online. Thankfully I have paintbrushes and pencils to help pass the time even though I am not always up to be creative I can still plan in my mind what I would like to do.

@Parus when those uglies rear there head just cut them of by getting into painting anything even if it's just doodling this was a better post from you then when you where so down glad to here you talk more uplifting Congrats cut ugly of at the pass

@chari978 sorry about your pain , in back problems are the worst or is it fibro no both which is what a lot of us have but we are fibro Warriors for sure.In 2005 I fractured my back ,and as I'm older now it's worse but for me doing exercise everyday even if it's just moving what you can helps Fortunately I'm still active ,I think just by moving and stretching my muscles have helped ,can you do this in bed? That's how I started,now I can do chair exercises which get your heart raising ,you don't have to go to gym which is out of the question for me. Can you do any?

I do some gentle stretching and walking when possible. I have to be careful stretching as I'm waiting for surgery in December. I have fibro, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, bone spurs, degenerative disc disease. I am 54 but feel 94. No fun.

@medicallew the other day I did all of walking not by choice ,if your my walker and thought my legs where going to call off I have gone spurs on hip joints ,next time used all Dr walked alot and hips did,it hurt as bad ?

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