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I have my initial appointment for lung transplant eval in April. Was told to be prepared for 2 weeks of testing and evaluation. What takes so long?

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Hello, my name is Terri. What is yours? I completed my two week eval for a double lung transplant last Dec. 2016. It takes two weeks because they check out every organ to make sure there is no other disease going on in your body; plus to make sure your organs are healthy enough to withstand a major surgery. Some tests are two day processes. You will get MRI's, CAT Scans, Nuclear testing, Left and/or right heart catheter, lots of lab work, swallow tests, reflux test, lung function tests, social worker visit, psychiatrist chat, mini-seminar about transplants, education class with a pharmacist, meet with the surgeon, etc. Believe me, when dealing with a vital and delicate surgery like lung transplantation; you want them to be as thorough as possible. Best of luck to you,. Please keep us posted about your progress. I recommend joining a physical support group if you can. Being around long time survivors and hearing their stories may give you courage and comfort. It did that for me anyway.

@dthoodjr, I hope that you are doing okay. It is April, so I am guessing that you are either at your appointment or getting ready for it. I send you my thoughts and hopes, for some satisfactory results for placement on the transplant list.

I know that the road to transplant can be confusing and frightening. Remember that you can come here anytime you want. You do not have to be alone. And your family and caregiver also are welcome to come here, too. Anytime.

@dthoodjr, I hope that you are getting the answers and diagnosis to aid in your treatment.
If you don't mind me asking, did it take the full 2 weeks that you were prepared for? Other patients ask this same question, perhaps they can benefit from your experience.