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Thankyou upartist and kanaaz! This was very helpful and interesting. I use coconut oil for cooking and skin care, but didnlt think about adding to a smoothie and will give that a shot for the long run. My husband;s FTD has progressed to the point where he is now in a Hospice program so further aggressive treatment other than palliative care is not in the cards. There has been some improvement after giving him organic yogurt smoothies ( he usually did not like yogurt but these he’ll take)… and the incidence of constipation and/or diarrhea has been greatly reduced..he can go for a week or more without major problems generally. His legs however, in the last couple of weeks have been giving out and he is sitting more and moving less, so the cycle has returned somewhat.
Thankyou for the FTD links! Glad to be part of this group.

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Good morning Ilene. I am so sorry that things have progressed with your husband. Since you are dealing with a resurgence of the constipation, and having fewer options to put into your strategies (walking and mobility), I will bring up some new ideas. Because constipation can be so painful in a variety of ways, the various kinds of enemas should be considered and possibly discussed with your gastroenterologist. There are the fleets over the counter, which have basic saline and some with mineral oil, to be used according to the variations in the type of constipation. Secondly, there is a soap suds enema ( this is a nickname for it), which maybe available through your physician or hospice program (Castile soap concentrate by Tri Leaf). This is a gentle potassium and glycerin based mixture added to a larger amount of water using a gravity feed. All of these methods can be applied while he is comfortably laying down in bed. Movement and positioning while in the bed can be used to facilitate the process. The softness of the stool may be improved with the daily use of miralax, as you probably know. Gentle massage of the tummy while in a stretched out position on his back, may help move the stool through. You may also want to explore your area medical facilities for enema clinics for suggestions. I would caution you with this, however, as a program like this needs a clinically based approach to management of the bowel. (In lieu of your husband’s history of obstruction. A stimulant for bowel motility is contraindicated with a history of obstruction). I hope this helps. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Hi Ilene,
I, too, am sorry to hear that things have progressed to this point with your husband. What a great resource you are @upartist to reconfigure your suggestions to his current stage.

Ilene, you may be interested in reading or joining in the Palliative and Hospice Care discussion here http://mayocl.in/2gml0Rz or even joining the Caregivers group https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/caregivers/
Keep us posted as you are able.

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