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burning sensation on knee

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So I just came across this site. I have been having this burning on the left side of knee. Maybe for 3 months or so. It would come and go and it would only happen when I layed down at night. But this week it came back and I feel it all day it gets worse when I lay down for the evening. Now it’s going down front of calf to ankle. Keeps me awake ,I put a pillow under my knee eases it a little. Can’t go to Dr till Jan 1 because of insurance. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hello @samills,

If you don’t mind, would you be comfortable sharing a bit more information about your sensation? Is it painful? Does it increase when you are more active or is it a steady sensation regardless of your activity level?

Dosent increase with doing more activity..actually usually starts burning when I settle down for the night. And wakes me up at night with the burning feeling. Not really painful..very uncomfortable..now today it hasn’t burned. But had been for the past week. I also get this excruciating pain on the top of my feet .when I move first thing in the morning..it is so painful. Then as I move around more it’s not as bad but still noticeable.

@samills Im a retired nurse and help with what I know or know myself I have back fracture back Rheumatologist told me this is causing problems pinched nerve ,sciatica and femoral arteries pinched nerves will cause the burning pain.This can be in body anywhere .Till you see your Dr I will tell you what has helped me. Tumeric 500 mg daily Tumeric is anti inflammatory al so I drink Ginger -Tumeric tea ginger is good for stomach Its at Trader Joe's only Hope this helps

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