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What Distracts You From the Pain?

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Jun 22, 2020 | Replies (192)

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Mindfulness meditation helps. But, I hace had 2 surgeries for achalesia. POEM.and Fundoplasty. The.last has left me with continued chronic pain but als incessant intense long burps to relieve pressure. This makes it very difficult to control my breath as I was taught in my classes. I was also exposed to walking meditation. I do that when I can. I have difficulty reading because the pain distracts me. I have seen people posting hobbies to keep their mind off it. I cannot think of one. Not sure i could paint or color. Mayb someone has some other ideas on meditation. Seeing a pain clinic, pain psychologist and recently a psychiatrist to help deal with the anxiety
It took over 2 and a half years to diagnose the Achalesia and I thought the first surgery would cure it. No and neither has the second. The long term of it all ( nearly 4 yrs.), and lacking hope that further treatment will help is making it difficult to deal with the pain.
I apologize for rambling on, I would just like to get to the point where i could do some work from home to alleviate the extreme financial problems this has created. I could do some now- but cant find anything. The pain is really difficult when coupled with financial pressure like fear of losing our home.
I may try writing to distract me.

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I find being out in nature is very calming. For those that can walk or walk sometimes – is one way to be out in nature. I find that just sitting in my backyard or on front porch works most of the time and I walk when I can (I have three kinds of Arthritis and other issues of mobility). I have various hobbies and some are more difficult to do at different times due to various health issues such as inflammatory flares, etc. But when you have various hobbies you can switch of to others. Sometimes just being focused on relaxing- a letting go rather than the movements of Yoga, Tai Chi. Each of us has to find what will work for us and experiment and give each new approach time to work.

Thanks. I do a little yoga and I do meditate. Getting out does help. Sitting in my back yard looking at the Mountain now. Thanks again

I tried meditation and it triggered the PTSD. So much for that distraction technique. What helps one may not work for another. Makes for an interesting life. Coming here oft is a distraction. Any one out there feeling used?

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