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On Grief from a Lost Relationship

Loss & Grief | Last Active: Feb 7, 2020 | Replies (15)

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Hi … while our situations are not exactly alike, I fully understand what you’re feeling. About 8 years ago I was divorced from my husband of 42 years …. this was my last resort. He is a narcissist and would not do anything to change …… I was “irrational and illogical” …. he was fine. Those were the most painful years of my life. It is only within the passed few years that I feel more adjusted, but it is not easy. But, in your case, it sounds as though you can do something to help yourself. First, get help from a good Psychiatrist ….. next get help for your alcoholism, and get into intense therapy. I can understand your sadness and guilt, but this is a case that you are able to do something about it …. there is help out there …… go after it!
Good luck, Abby

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@amberpep, thank you for the great advice, and I am doing all those things. It’s hard working on yourself. Still, I’m pervaded daily with sadness. I have to just keep plodding through this.

Sometimes, Jay, it’s like walking through molasses in the dead of winter, but ….. it’s truly worth it. Once you’re rid of the alcohol, getting good treatment for the sadness and depression, who knows what great things may lie ahead for you?! Good luck, my friend.

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