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Post 2nd Kidney Transplant

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Welcome to Connect, @hardaway3. I hope you don’t mind but I moved your message to the Transplants group because I would like to introduce you to members who I think may be able to help. Please meet @rosemarya @ters1993 @scottb32 @wmoser2613 @coastalgirl.

@hardaway3 Did you experience weight loss or appetite loss with your first transplant?

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No, I did not experience weight or appetite loss with my first Kidney transplant, it was very successful, went back to work in 6 months and it lasted almost 16 years That was 20 years ago, and I am now 20 years older, I think my body may be responding differently with age and it seems to be a bit more challenging to keep the weight on.

The first 12 months after kidney transplant was a bit of a rollercoaster ride I must admit. I had a difficult time adjusting to the immunosuppressants and did have some difficulty with appetite loss. I am 6 years post transplant now and appetite is good.
I would say that as long as you are eating a healthy diet and your doctors are not concerned, I would not worry about this. Your Mayo team will be able to assist you with anything that is troubling you so hang in there and stay vigilant.
Wishing you great success!!