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Leaky Gut, Constipation and Gluten Free?

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@clemlaa – My situation is a little different. I started the basic Wahls Protocol Diet – no dairy, no gluten, no sugar, no processed food to see if it would help with my peripheral neuropathy. I don’t follow it perfectly but have greatly reduced all of them and have pretty much given up fast food/processed foods. The author of the book Dr. Terry Wahls who has MS did her own research on diets impact on autoimmune diseases and she has an amazing story to tell. More info here – http://terrywahls.com/about/about-terry-wahls/. I do struggle on and off with constipation and take a fiber supplement Metamucil to help with the daily movements…:-) The big benefit I have had from her diet is 20 lb weight drop and feeling a little better. It did take some getting used to having green smoothies for breakfast. I do think diet plays a big part in a lot of illnesses that are difficult to diagnose. Lots of toxins out there and unfortunately not all of them are known. Just ran across an interesting story “The Real Reason Wheat is Toxic (it’s not the gluten)” – http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/real-reason-for-toxic-wheat-its-not-gluten/. Hoping you are able to find an answer!

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Thank you so much John B. I appreciate the help.

I have read never whole wheat but whole grain??

Hi Deena – I’m am not really an expert (not even a farmer!) but have a few friends that forward me food health related information which is how I saw the topic that it might not be the gluten but the wheat itself that is toxic. Think they were really just pointing out that on some farms the wheat fields are not ready for harvest at the same time – the plants have to die before being harvested. So it was referring to the fact that some farmers will spray the green live wheat with roundup when a majority of the crop is ready for harvest so that it kills the live wheat plants and they can harvest it all at the same time. The problem being the part of the field that was sprayed with roundup gets some toxins up into the parts of the plant that is harvested and made into flour, etc.. At least that’s what I took out of reading the article above.

Thats really intresting in the 90s I would read cooking light and other healthy cooking books and magazines they were pushing whole wheat! I bought into this because it lead us to believe it was not bleached flour like white bread!! Thanks for sharing your info ! The FDA should be ashamed of themselfs and do not believe any thing they say!! Deena

We checked with some farmer friends here in Iowa, and they confirmed that in fact Roundup is “abused” in that way – sprayed to hurry the harvest. They use it on soy beans in the same way. It’s True!

I read something on Medscape that celiac disease and IBS may be caused by Chinese wheat that has been GMO’d to enhance it’s soft and chewy consistency. Thereby introducing wheat proteins that are non digestible. Anyone hear of that?

Hello @alamoana9,

Welcome to Connect; that’s a good question you ask.
I couldn’t find much about the link between genetically modified (GM) Chinese wheat and celiac/IBS in my research online, but nonetheless, the market of GM foods is huge.
While we wait for other members to share their thoughts, may I ask if you would share some more information? Do you have celiac disease, or a related condition?

Hello @alamoana9 – I ran across an article that may offer some additional insight into GMO wheat issues…
I had some farmer friends that said this does happen on some farms.


Celiac disease has been around a lot longer then GMO products. We cannot eat not only wheat, but barley rye and sometimes oats. Gluten is pretty much impossible to break down for anyone, but can be poison to us with Celiac. If you are interested there are many good books and articles about the genetics of Celiac Sprue (HLA DQ2). It is Celiac awareness month so the hundreds of symptoms are front and center and ripe information at your fingertips. Keep asking questions, most of us go years before diagnosis, many are never diagnosed.

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