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My husband has pancreatic cancer

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Yep, that would be a great idea! I know as my wife’s caregiver I often wonder what others are going through! I do an inordinate amount of research about my wife’s disease, and would love to know if others do the same for example.

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Hi @burrkay. I do the same exact thing. He doesn’t want to know as much as I do I think. I’m also the one always calling the docs to let them know symptoms, side effects, ask questions, etc because he doesn’t want to bother anyone in between appointments. And I’m the one asking all the questions at the appointments and taking all the notes. I thought I was being super neurotic at first (husband was diagnosed in January CRC stage IV) but then I became friends with 2 other caregivers and they do the same things.

Hi bbams It sounds like you do exactly what I do as a caregiver. I have taken a leave of absence at work. May I ask you what is CRC?
Also, I live in Cambridge Illinois my husband is a farmer and we have been married 29 years.

Oh, sorry about that. Colorectal Cancer. I actually lost my job 2 months ago and am casually looking so kind of leave of absence too (first job I’ve ever lost in my entire life!). Caregiving sometimes feels like a full time job, doesn’t it? I’m looking for remote work now so I can be home with my husband. We’ve been married for 5 months, been together for 5 years but we were engaged when he got diagnosed in January.

Hello babes@bbams! Re Colorectal cancer, Have you really discussed with the Oconologist. You should really look into it on the report and get second opinions and find the most possible treatment. If cancer has not spread to other organ, you should consider to remove it as soon as possible. As a caregiver, you really need to do things right for your husband. My case was difficult since my Mom did not want operations and it was very risky because of the age. But the only solution is to do the surgery. My Mom was living with an Ostomy — stoma for one week. She did not like it. So that we had to do the second time surgery to close the stoma as per experienced and skillfull surgeon. The first surgery took almost 7 hours. One week after the second surgery was completed successfully to close the stoma. It took only 2- 3 hours. She was able to sit and walk 2 days after the surgery. I and my sis had take turn to see her day and night and walk around with her. Walking is a “must” for gas circulation after surgery. Both Caregiver and patient need a lot of courage. Strength, positive and patience. My prayers are with you and with all the cancer patients. I hope it helps.