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Hi Jan52241 Yes, we were on a hugh dosage of Vitamin D every day and then the doctor wanted him to back off to 400units a day which is working
a little. We haven't been out to Mayo for a while and I think because my hubby is an older patient and doing so well on Rev/dex with very low numbers,
they really don't want to do more right now. We have to go locally to a hematologist until we can get over to Mayo.
I am interested in learning more about velcade? Is it given in a clinic and what it is the delivery system, how often and so forth. We may be headed
in that direction in future and we really don't know anything about that drug?
So any help would be appreciated.

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I was on Velcade for 4 cycles, with Rev. 14 days on/7 days off. And DeX 40 mg/week. I had terrible neuropathy in hands and feet, the 1st week, and a rash to lower legs and feet, and some high fever for like three days, in the evenings. The 2nd week, my Hematologist held the Velcade, and continued it again on the 3rd week, at the same dose, so I was told. Had less neuropathy, no rash, and no more fevers from it. Was told, my body went into shock during induction. I recieved it in very slow sub Q injections, once a week. The injection sites would be red, then turn brown, and scaly, then resolve.