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Hi everyone on diet:
My husband has such an aversion to food, I am lucky to get him to eat at all. So since he really needs the protein and the doc's do not
want him to lose weight, our solution is a steak once a week, if I am lucky. He doesn't like a lot of the things that he used to eat. When the veggies are in for the summer, that is an option. We live in Northern Michigan and do not have the fresh gardens here, all is shipped in and not always that good. Melons are about the only thing he will eat now, so use pineapple, and (mandarins) This is a
challenge for all those on chemotherapy and dexamethosone. which really screws up the taste buds, plus my husband had a lifetime
of radiation therapy for the sinus cancer which they thought existed without a biopsy in 07. The radiation was done at a local hospital
and God Bless Mayo who we finally got to see and they corrected all the bad stuff but we're left with the very limited appetite. Such is
the life of a cancer patient who happens to get the wrong prescription.
So glad everything is working for you and losing weight is always a good thing, I just did it since I knew the caring was going to get
more intense as time goes by, only veggies, chicken and chocolate for me and I have lost 30lbs and feel great, so can relate to the
healthy eating thing.

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I am new here but I am going though clinical study for smoldering multiple myeloma. For. protein I take ensure plus. There are plant based shakes I try different ones. I do try to eat regular food but these help when my appetite is not the best.