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Thank you! Is there a nutritionist at Mayo 56St Phoenix?

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Indeed there is. Marcia Larson, RDN, is the nutritionist in the cancer center at the Phoenix campus of Mayo Clinic. You can book an appointment directly or ask your doctor or PA/NP to order a consult with her.

Hi Colleen:
Who is the nutritionist at Mayo, Rochester and is there a way that person could help with my husbands' need for more protein
in his diet? Right now with winter coming, our time frame for getting over to Rochester from here is something that will have to
wait until Spring, which is usually when we take the trip.
Thanks for your help.

Hi @ozys
There are several cancer nutritionists at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. In Rochester, dietitians are referred for patients by their Mayo Clinic provider. You can speak with your oncologist to be referred to an “Oncology Dietitian”.