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Can I ask why he needs meat? Is it for the protein?

I read many books on good eating for cancer patients and then went to books on healthy eating for heart patients.
Everyone resulted with PLANT BASED eating. I took from the readings what I found palatable. For every new food I added, I removed one bad food, It took a month before I made a complete overhaul of my eating patterns.

I eat a can of sardines each morning = 23-25 grams of protein.( p.s. not packed in water but oil) Yuck to sardines? Go for a small can of tuna or salmon. Super protein kick starter for the day. seeds, nuts and beans are loaded with protein,also.

Greek yogurt has 12-15 grams of protein. Mix in fruits of choice, etc. Check the protein count on the label.

I eat chia, flax and hemp and sprinkled into almost everything I eat daily, including salads, soups, guacamole dip. Almost everything .

Quinoa and Ferro are a wonderful substitute for rice.

HEALTHY fats are great. I eat at least 3 avacados a week. Either in a salad or as a guacamole dip or right from its shell/skin.

Bottom line, I lost 30 pounds the first 3 months and had no idea how. All I knew I was changing my eating lifestyle for my health. I was stuffing myself like a piggy and was never hungry. And yet the weight was falling off. It is the combination of all these foods. All those seeds 'beating' each other up internally. And this was without exercise.

Further get rid of the carbs. I eliminated all breads and pasta. I eat sprouted bread made by Ezekial . I eat Lundberg rice cakes as a substitute for crackers..

To date I am down 49 pounds and have kept it off for 2 1/2 years. It works.

I also found that changing my eating lifestyle was something where I had complete control. .

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@ mamallie. I have MM, for 17.5 years now.and new to this Mayo Forum. I am also a certified nutritional clinician. I am very impressed with how you have developed a very healthy diet. Your ideas are founded in good principles.
Hi quality fish protein which have been shown to contain healthy Omega 3 oils
Low refined carbs intake. And you have
also included excellent monounsaturated fats with Avocado and certain nuts. (Keep walnuts and pecans in refrigerator..as they go rancid quickly)
Many people will benefit by your dietary regimen. Bravo!