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Hi Colleen,<br><br>Thank you for your email. I have met two other women through another website who have SMZL. One just finished her initial six weeks of Rituxan. She's very private and hasn't said whether she'll be having maintenance therapy. The other woman is still watch and wait. I was diagnosed in November 2014 and started treatment right away. Next week is my last infusion. If I can help April or anyone else, I'm happy to do so.<br>Take care,<br>Andi<br><br>

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Hi Andi, I'm a 70 yr old woman who was diagnosed with SMZL 6 weeks ago after having night sweats over the summer. I'm in the middle of my 4-week Rituximab infusions. My oncologist told me that the cancer was in my bone marrow and that my spleen was twice its normal size. He told me that Rituximab works for about 85% of patients. I'm hoping that will be me. Right now I'm trying to eliminate sugar from my diet, eat more iron-rich foods, Hydrate with Alkaline water and eat more protein. I am also trying to exercise when I can like walking in my neighbourhood or riding my bike short distances. I live in Phx so the weather is perfect for being outdoors finally.
I will continue to comment on how my infusions are going and anything else that I have found helpful thru this journey.
One thing I had never noticed before is how many TV commercials there are targeting people with cancer. The advertisers are either selling a medication that can possibly prolong life or a hospital that specializes in treating cancer. Was it always this way and I'm just more sensitive to these ads now that I have cancer?