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Welcome @sabtahis. Splenic B cell Marginal Zone Lymphoma. is rare and accounts for less than 2% of lymphoma cases. April, can you tell us a bit more about yourself? When were you diagnosed? How are you doing now?

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Morning<br>Thanks for forwarding my e mail to an appropriate group.I mostly interested<br> in learning about SMZL and prefer private conversation thru e mail and not<br>the post.I'm a former health care worker and fairly knowledgeable about<br>the medical issue around this diagnosis and the disease process.<br>Thanks for all you do.April<br><br>

@sabtahis, Connect is a public forum. The emails you receive are notifications letting you know when a new public post has been made. Feel free to use the private message function to connect privately with other members. However we encourage the use of the public forum so that many can benefit from the sharing of experience and knowledge.

I am currently in remission from SMZL. Next week will be my last maintence treatment with Rituxan. I'm not sure what my oncologist will recommend regarding follow up care. It has been a long road, but as far as cancer goes, it went pretty well. I would be happy to talk via email with anyone else dealing with SMZL. It's rare which makes it hard to find others with this diagnosis.

Welcome to Connect, AndiLynn. Please meet April, @sabtahis who also has splenic B cell marginal zone lymphoma. Indeed, SMZL is rare, so I hope the 2 of you will connect.

During your treatment did you ever meet a patient with the same diagnosis?

Hi Colleen,<br><br>Thank you for your email. I have met two other women through another website who have SMZL. One just finished her initial six weeks of Rituxan. She's very private and hasn't said whether she'll be having maintenance therapy. The other woman is still watch and wait. I was diagnosed in November 2014 and started treatment right away. Next week is my last infusion. If I can help April or anyone else, I'm happy to do so.<br>Take care,<br>Andi<br><br>

All the best with the last infusion next week. Stay in touch.

I am a 70 yr old active female who began having night sweats about 3 months ago. I went to my PCP on 8/16, she did CBC and my result was a referral to an oncologist. I have had numerous labs, a bone marrow biopsy and a CT of my Lymph areas. I was given the diagnosis of Splenic Marginal Zone Lymphoma and was recommended to start IV treatment with Rituximab on 10/14. Also of note, my spleen is twice the size it should be.