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My son has 185 LDL
Triglycerides 68
Total cholesterol 220
He is 21 years old.

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Greetings @fabulous17. Welcome to the Mayo Connect cholesterol group. Has your son’s doctor told him the maximum amounts of lipids, measured after a 12-hour fast? My HMO recommends Cholesterol 199 or less, HDL greater than 39, and Triglycerides 149 or less, and LDL less than 130 mg/dL. According to the formula for calculating these numbers, your son’s LDL and total Cholesterol are quite high, his triglyderides are oddly low, and his HDL (the “good” cholesterol) is very low at 22 mg/dL. Against these numbers, his doctor seems likely to talk to him about changes in diet, exercise, and lifestyle — perhaps some medication — to get his lipids under control and his “good” cholesterol up. How can we be of help to him?

He was told by his doctor to add a daily supplement of fish oil and watch his diet for saturated fats . He has made changes to his diet and he has always been a basketball player . Today his blood test results revealed other than triglycerides all other things have stayed the same . Just wanted to see if there were ideas other than medication since he is only 21 . He is meeting his PCP tomorrow to discuss more . Thank you for your response .