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Thank you for validating my concerns, but I'm sorry you have this insight due to such a complicated and frustrating situation. May I ask what makes your particular type of papillary cancer more aggressive? How was this identified? What sort of treatment have you had? How do they plan to keep a close eye on it? How often are you being seen, regular ultrasounds, etc?
I don't mean to overwhelm you and I appreciate the information
you've already provided. I'm just surprised by how much it helps to have received the feedback. If you'd like to share anything more, I'd be thrilled.
Thanks again!

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I have tall cell papillary cancer, which by nature is more aggressive, and I am older (66) which doesn t help either!! I also have the braf v600 gene mutation. This was all found out after they took out my thyroid and dissected it. I have had 1 round of RAI 100mci (1 year ago). In february I had a left neck dissection because they had biopsied 1 lymph node on that side and it showed cancer. They took out 17 lymph nodes- only the 1 biopsied had cancer thankfully. They are now "following " 2 lymph nodes in center and right sides... I get bloodwork, thyroid ultrasounds, and chest can scans ......the bloodwork and ultrasounds have been every 3 months....but depending what they find could be more or less. I think it is very important to be at a large research facility who is up to date on thyroid cancer, and does in depth testing. Part of my bloodwork gets sent out I believe to a specialized California lab, and I usually wait 2 weeks for the results. I also think it is very important to still live your normal life, and take care of all this but to not let it "consume" your every thought! (Easier said than done sometimes)! I hope this helps a little- keep me posted on what you decide, and your reults...wishing you the best!!