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5 CM is the cut off where you should get your Aneurysm surgery. That is for most younger adults. At your age (I’m 70) there may be reasons for not getting your aneurysm stenting.

You may be considered not able to receive repair because of many other factors are taken into consideration.
I’m a bleeding risk due to my mechanical aortic heart replacement so they weigh the odds of getting the aneurysm repaired versus leaving it alone.

Mine is a little bit more complicated. Being on a blood thinner is not considered safe to go through the aneurysm procedure but the aneurysm has a tear in it.

They have been holding off until it developed a tear in it. It could burst before the 5 cm threshold like mine even though it’s less that 5 cm. So they are monitoring it seriously as a bursting aneurysm can kill you quickly. It’s between his doctor and him. They may not think surgery is not good for him due to other medical issues.

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Hi Andy: Wish you the best with your aneurysm. I am also on a blood thinner due to having blood clots in my legs years ago. I imagine I will have to stop my blood thinner prior to any surgery I might have to have. I am being monitored for my Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm on a regular basis. I am still below a 4 CM. I also have tons of other issues, an none of us knows how it will all turn out. I will be 77 in Nov. I just pray a lot, and will pray that yours is handled successfully .