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coronary plaque findings

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My husband has a high calcium CT score . He has been on a statin for years prior to this . His cardiologist said the statin actually helped him since it stabilizes the sticky plaque that is more dangerous than the stable calcified plaque .
Thoughts ?

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Your husband’s cardiologist is correct. Medium-to-high intensity statin therapy will shrink atheromas, and as those atheromas get smaller then tend to calcify more thereby stabilizing them so they don’t rupture. This was the observation of The Cleveland Clinic in 2015.

Just Google: “ Plaque Paradox: Statins Increase Calcium in Atheromas Even as They Shrink Them” https://consultqd.clevelandclinic.org/plaque-paradox-statins-increase-calcium-in-coronary-atheromas-even-while-shrinking-them

I think these two videos are instructive, and at least offer food for thought: