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CBD oil for pain

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Dec 13, 2021 | Replies (353)

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Every state is different You need to goigle it Remember cbd Nothing with thc in it

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My provider disagrees with your statement about THC. They claim that a mixture of THC and CBD works better than singly. I use equal amounts of THC and CBD with great results.

I use a 50/50 mixture of CBD and THC. Contrary to what most people post, THC is also a great pain reliever. I feel no “high” from taking it. I also use a 100% THC atomizer sub lingual for breakthrough pain. Please research your opinions before posting them as FACTS.

@timfitz, i know you can get the hemp seed oil and the cannibidiol from Amazon. My son knows where to go to get the pot.ive tried smoking it but it didnt help.

Yes, that is correct. You need THC to activate the CBD. Very good results for two years now.

I agree wholeheartedly.

I know it has been a while since you have written, my question is are you still able to control your pain with your 50/50 mix?

Good Morning, I use the 50/50 in a topical and a 3 to 1mix in a tincture. I use the topical whenever my hands have neuropathy needle pain. And then always at bedtime and whenever needed during the day for Myofascial pain in my leg. I use the tincture with morning coffee and afternoon tea. It really works. You need to start slowly with just half a dropper. I try to have a regimen that works well and is easy to administer and hard to forget because of my brain fog.

Id like to know if there,s any overdosing of CB D oil ?I use a capsule 5mg a day Afraid to use to much do you have any information on it?

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If your afraid I will try it for you…lol