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I appreciate your point of view. I know that everyday can be differentto the extent of exhaustion for us both. I have to do things he used to do and I see frustration in his eyes and I think we really both did so many things. The hardest for him is having to allow me to help him with bathing , shaving and sometimes dressing. I can always tell when he has difficulty, because he looks at me with a look that says "help me". His meds work..but when he starts to lose the effect of increased dopimine..he is like someone with a low blood sugar.I have dealt with a long distance with my Dad and my brother who have Parkinsons as well . My Dad died 6 years ago. My brother however is 66yo and in stage 5 with hospice. He has lewy body disease. He is totally different then my Dad..We just saw him a couple of weeks ago. It was heartbreaking. My husband is nowhere near this level. I liked the way you mentioned what your neurologist said. Thank you!!

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You have been immersed in Parkinson's for a long time. I wish the experience would make taking care of you husband easier but likely the knowledge can add to the stress and anxiety. There are so many emotions swirling in us. Caring,love and wanting to help mixed with exhaustion, frustration, loss, anger, guilt to name a few.
My husband has only had diagnostic symptoms for 4 years - but the general exhaustion, slow loss of executive function for much longer. As a highly educated Ph,D, he was able to mask the symptoms for a long time.
Can you tell me more about Lewy Body disease.
Wishing you strength, patience and boundless love.