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Very interesting replies. We are sometimes in a damned if you do, damned if you don't, situation. I've been pounding the ibuprofen -- nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories, worried about internal bleed. I see pain management today and will tell him what you say -- he was set for steroid injection to the neck which sounded awful -- under anesthesia -- but thought oral steroids would be worse for my bones.

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Agreed on the “damned if you do . . .” With issues from Tymlos, I, too, pounded the ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Not much, if any, pain relief, but a great way to ruin your liver and stomach - I ended up with GERD and gastritis.

And, I had the injections in my mid- and lower back with anesthesia. The anesthesia was just a local one and the procedure was leaning over a table with a drape and most of my clothes on (wait, what?!). The pain spec I saw was formerly an anesthesiologist so I trusted his knowledge about Tymlos/Evenity, steroids, and pain meds.

I did enjoy pain relief from the injections and the pains (with the exception of sciatica) completely resolved. With Tymlos as the real culprit, the pains may have resolved on their own once I discontinued taking it and I wouldn’t have needed the injections in the first place; that would’ve made a whole bunch of people happy. Hmmm, something else I’ll never know.

Best thoughts to you on your decisions. Cheers!