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Help with understanding test results

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i will be very interested to hear how your appt goes with the rheumatologist. i went to one once and she asked me why i was there. I have an allergist/immunologist and a pulmonologist who treats my asthma—with Breo. When i develop rashes, i see a dermatologist. I have rare and less than occasional autoimmune conditions (eg losing vision including sudden color blindness and lack of depth and at times anaphylactic reactions. for years i took allergy shots

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@elisabeth007 I will be sure to let you know.
I am stymied by the cross-over between allergy/immunology, pulmonology and Rheumatology. Antidotally, I come from a long line of ancestors with asthma/allergies who were also "slow-moving". I attributed my lack of stamina to my grandmother (whom I resemble) until it got to the point of ridiculous (doing one thing daily became a challenge) I just went to a prim care doc expecting low Vit B12 and instead, markers for immune disease were flagged. Well, that could explain a lot! I'm now considering my grandma could have had autoimmune system disease before it was even known about. I have a pulmonologist, ENT. and dermatologist; I need an allergist/immunologist. I'll let you know what happens with the Rheumatologist, but (right or wrong) I expect to be shuttled off to an allergist (or loony bin).