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Retacrit + Venofer for B-thalassemia

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I wanted to follow-up to say that the Retacrit therapies (I had 4 shots: 1 weekly for the 4 weeks prior to my sternotomy) worked great to improve my hemoglobin levels prior to surgery. I did not take any of the Venofer infusions. Of course, my hemoglobin levels dropped back to my 'normal' levels in the 10-11 range following surgery.

I am recovering well from the surgery, walking and biking and now doing weights to improve my upper body strength. The only issue is an acute pericarditis issue that is being treated with cochicine.

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Hi Mike, Thank you for the update! Phew, huh?! I know you were so concerned about your rather rare pre-existing condition and hoping for input. This was an unusual situation and not a lot of other members with a similar experience.
But your doctor came through with the right decision of the Retacrit infusions and you were able to go ahead with the successful surgery!
I’m happy to hear the surgery went well and you’re doing a great job in recovery. Hopefully the pericarditis gets under control soon…but it sure doesn’t seem to be holding back your recovery! Keep up the good work! Do you take any other medications for the B-thalassemia minor?