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Welcome to Connect, Dik!
Please introduce yourself. We’d like to get to know a bit more about you. What type of transplant did you have and when?

Rosemary, did you see a cardiologist while in the hospital?

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I’ve seen cardiologist. Now being referred for pulmonology tests. And it sounds like my symptoms are not typical for Tacrolimus.
I’m actually feeling better after adjustment of med dose.

Rosemary, @johnwburns seems to be on the right track (below). FDA directives on Tacrolimus say it should be prescribed only by doctors with extensive experience in transplants, especially over a long term. He also questioned whether Prednisone might be a factor. Prednisone is often part of an anti-rejection protocol, but it is a corticosteroid that is used to treat a very wide range of maladies. Have your doctors emphasized how these two drugs work together in your situation and that their use should be supervised by transplant specialists?

Rosemarya…. Did the cardio do multiple
Lipids & chlorestol , trygliercides (sp)
Tests ……

Yes, all that has been taken care of. And normal results are what prompted my original post. Thanks for being concerned.

Have you had a stress test or a NUC scan or a Heart Cat
Time to find a new cardio doc
You should not be breathless ….. That is not right
Maybe pulmonary hypertension