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Thanks for reply. I have been stable, up until this, That’s what has me wondering.

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Rosemary, in addition to my previous reply, I have heart racing-pounding issues for about an hour 30 to 45 minutes after i take my Prograf. I have found that I am unable to work on cardio exercises if I take my meds prior so i try to work any exercise in prior to taking meds. Fatigue has become a major issue.
Hope you can find a solution.

I have trembling hands about hour 30 to 45 minutes after taking Tacrolimus. It’s sometimes a nuisance, but manageable if I do like you and adjust my activities. That is- no letter writing or needlework during that interim! When, (after 4 years, at 1.5 mg 2x day) they changed my dose to 2.0 mg 2x day, my trembling became awful, like a rough engine idling inside me all day long, plus major trembling episodes. I could hardly wait for my labs to be processed, so I could go back to my 1.5 mg 2x day dose! It’s been reduced for 5 days, and that part of me is returning to my normal self again. coastalgal, it has been so nice to chat with you, because you understand, you, too, walk the same Transplant journey.

Rosemary, so sorry I didn’t see these posts until now. They were sent to my junk folder!!
I definitely have days that tremors from prograf is worse. I find that with Prograf I don’t seem to have as many of those days as with Tacrolimus, the generic.
I have a tough time with cardio work but I make it to the the gym most times 2 days a week and occasionally 3 days.
So hope you are doing better now.
We transplant survivors are a vital part of each others’ lives.
Sending you blessings, and cheering you on!!