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Does this mean Fibrosis?

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In my scans, and one of them was done even before the mastectomy, so there is an initial point of reference, if I look at those done after Radiation, there is always some mention of, this isn’t the term they used, but it’s all I can come up with a cloudiness
When they would review a scam with me, they would make a mention of yes there’s some product but nothing to worry about is part of radiation and will likely go away. Never did, not sure if it’s gotten any worse, but I finally on my own got an appointment with the pulmonologist. Doctor Who had been monitoring my scans was the urologist who was monitoring a spot on my kidney. From the beginning, they added in a thorax scan. He never really addressed the lung issues saying it’s just something from Radiation. Eventually switched to a different facility for active surveillance and made arrangements to have urology look at the kidney and pulmonology look at the lung. Should have been done that way from the beginning, but the original cancer center brushed it off. In hindsight, I would’ve pushed the issue as to why my line was showing some cloudiness, if they felt it was going to go away what was the time parameter for that and if it didn’t go away, who should I be seeing. Symptoms I hope it stays that way. But if you have specific issues or questions regarding Lung scans, you need to see a pulmonologist.

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Definitely see a Pulmonologist for lung issues! And a Pulmonologist who has depth of knowledge in that specific area because Specialists have subspecialties!