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Post surgery ingrown toenail issues

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I will try. I'm mindful of my shoes and got a steel toe / wide shoe so there is plenty toe room. My insurance phased out right when I noticed it.
Better way to explain is my nail I had surgery on 15 years ago, they acid treated both sides after they cut the nail back. Not much is there for support. Is there any remedies for killing the nail from home. Till I get insurance again?

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Zalkins, I don't know of a way to "kill" the nail at home.

I had an ingrown toenail cut out "on the side of the big toe" about 20 years ago. The doctor told me that trauma to that toe (I had broken that big toe previously and then dropped a chair on it) could cause an ingrown toenail. My toenail had an indention all the way across the nail, so it was damaged.

It got red, swollen & infected and that's when I went to a podiatrist to have it cut out. He gave me the option of removing the entire toenail or just cutting down the side of the toenail and that was what I opted for. I am grateful that I have never had another one. Hurts like the dickens!

Always cut your toenails straight across if you can....if you cut them rounded, you risk the chance of an ingrown toenail. If your toenails are hard, soak them first in epsom salt warm water to soften them before trimming. Use the small toenail scissors....they are not expensive. Cut the nail straight across. If pus is coming out, you have an infection and need to be seen.

I know that you say you have a wide steel toe shoe with plenty of toe room, but, is there anyway you bumped your toe up against the steel toe part and damaged the nail?

Since you have no insurance presently, is there a health department in your area where someone could take a look at it?

Praying for you to get relief soon and insurance to happen soon. These are no fun.