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I used Google translate for Turkish to English for others to read. I hope this is accurate and it is OK with you that I did this:

"Thank you very much for your sincere article. I received both chemotherapy and radiotherapy simultaneously with chemotherapy. These were difficult days, but I left 6 months behind. The doctor said at the beginning that my chance of survival was 65%. I have comprehensive MRI, lung CT and blood tests done once every 3 months. Every 3 months, a gynecologist, oncologist, medical oncologist and radiation oncologist are examined. I am 46 years old now, you really gave me hope. Thank you very much."

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Thank you for letting me know you did receive some hope. That's the reason a write on this MayoClinic blog. When I survived my dangerous metastasis, my oncologist called me her
Miracle Patient whenever she saw me. I am so thankful for my good results and want others who are undergoing cancer treatment to know that there are so many treatments these days that can save you. In addition to the 2 endometrial cancers and recent bladder cancer, I also had breast cancer 8 months after my first diagnosis of endometrial cancer. I was so fortunate that I was going for regular mammograms because it was caught very early and I only had radiation therapy for it. No chemotherapy because it was so small and the lymph nodes were not involved. That was back in 1997 and I never had it reoccur. Praise God for that! So please know that there is hope for you, for sure! I'll send healing thoughts and prayers your way, dear Emine.