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Change to GFR numbers

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Hello everyone, and thank you for the welcome and the helpful information! @gingerw @cehunt57 @windyshores

@collegeprof I was hopeful someone would get a kick out of the name! 😁

I do appreciate that my values are still in a good range -- I've just been concerned about the difference in numbers and trending down again alongside this new bout of illness. I was only given 5 days of antibiotics and sensitivity testing was never performed by the hospital, so I found myself wondering if the infection might have reestablished and developed into a chronic, low-grade infection.

I've also been shuffled through several specialists so far and communication and consultation of lab work between them have not been so great, so now that an ob-gyn has ordered a CT with IV and oral contrast, I wanted to make more sense of my GFR values.

Nobody has any idea so far what's going on because the symptoms cross the spectrum -- who has time to unravel all that with so many patients and so little time?

Thank you all again for the helpful information! It's great what you do here. 🌞

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@happydaysies Perhaps the antibiotics were not the best one for the infection you had, or the course of treatment was too short.

You owe it to yourself to find out just what is going on, definitely. Being our own advocate in healthcare can be tedious, and exhausting.