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Hi Zora 0121,
I had a segmentectomy of a nodule about the same size as yours about two weeks ago. I am 68. my surgeon called the pathologist during surgery to find out how much to take out (i.e. whether he thought it was cancer or not). (It was originally planned to be a wedge resection). I have gone through many tests for the last two years and when I mentioned this to my surgeon, he was not at all surprised that nothing showed up. He said that anything the size of our tumours do not show up on CT's and PET scans and biopsies. My Pulmonologist obviously didn't know this. I am also in Canada, in Vancouver and my surgeon was Dr. Yee, said to be the best in North America. Please look him up on YouTube and you will see his inventions and techniques that he has invented. He does many lung transplants. Maybe you will be able to afford to fly out here. You are welcome to stay with me.

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I'm actually overwhelmed by your generosity of allowing me to stay with you. Beyond kind. I see your name includes dog lover, I have 3 rescues currently, and walk them daily part of my healing, mental and physical.
My tumors were found incidently, by a CT scan. So I'm lucky for that. I'm mostly concerned by the one lymph node that showed cancer. No one has spoken to me about my pathology of the tumors or lymph, except to say they're cancer. I guess I have to wait for an oncologist..
I learned about these tumors mid Feb. And never found out it was cancer until this Tuesday. The Rollercoaster of maybe its nothing to maybe it spread( because of the lymph) is debilitating. Comes in waves of optimism to pessimism...
I know I need to handle this better..