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Whew, your recurrence is similar to mine. My nurse practitioner who I see for my active surveillance appointments (check-ups) found a polyp. Mine was located on the left vaginal cuff. I also had a PET scan (actually PET/MRI scan combined) and nothing showed up. That was a puzzle considering that the pathology report indicated recurrence of endometrial adenocarcinoma so off I went to radiation oncology. I had both external pelvic radiation (25 treatments) and 2 treatments of internal radiation (brachytherapy).

It's really stressful and anxiety-provoking to hear the words "recurrence". I was almost more shocked than the first time I heard the word "cancer" with my initial diagnosis.

When I saw the radiation oncologist for my recurrence I asked about future recurrences. What should I look for? What should I do? He answered my questions, and also gave me information to read. He also said that after my radiation treatments were completed I should return for active surveillance appointments (checkups) every 4 months that will include physical exams (that's how your polyp and my polyp were found, right?) and CT scan with contrast.

I get my cancer care at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Each of these checkup appointments are stressful for me but I'm so thankful that Mayo Clinic has taken such good care of me. My recurrence was caught very early.

When you see your radiation oncologist you can ask the question about future recurrences just as I did. It's been 2 years since my recurrence and nothing new has shown up. But I continue to go for those check-up appointments which I will do for 3 more years - assuming no other recurrences or new cancers.

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I was wondering about the hypermetabolic area that "lit up" during the PET scan. Is that an indicator of more cancer? Will it go away after the 5 internal radiation treatments?
I truly feel like the medical field has taken a very hard hit since covid. I go to a cancer center and it seems I experience a lot of apathy. I had to leave the last place/doctor I was going to because he started acting strange.