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Autoimmune Diseases and Fatigue

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I have started taking D-Ribose with Magnesium and Malate (Again) in the afternoon. I have slept beautifully for three nights in a row. Wow!
We forget and then we remember what helped last time the fatigue got so bad. I also think I will try adding Glutathione also. It is supposed to be the mother of the Amino Acids, and a deficit can affect sleep, energy, etc.

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I’ve tried both d-ribose and magnesium without an discernible result but that doesn’t mean it might not help you. This site tries to concentrate research on supplements: https://examine.com/supplements/d-ribose/
so it might be a useful resource. MD Anderson also has a site dedicated to alternative therapies. I now believe that jacking up an amino acid say without a proven need to isn’t the greatest idea, but that’s me. Pushing hard on any system in the body will likely cause a compensating reaction. Getting pretty conservative about supplements 1000’s of $ later. Lean more on exercise, sensible diet and trying to have a laugh now and then. Good luck with it though.

Hows that work? I am badly fatiqued if you care to share ? Would be much appreciated thanks and Nothing to loose thanks good day Deena

I control my edema aka belly bloat with Tumeric Curcumin bioperine I was on paleo auto immune diet and set off the worst fatigue I have put some Gluten free carbs back in my diet I feel better just 1 serving a day gluten free pasta or a wrap I have auto immune PBS and a stone in pancreas for 5 years before they found residue from stone passing which put me at highest risk for pancreatic cancer. I been taking astragulus root seems to give me a little energy or is it the carbs .Checking out magnesium seems 80% of population is deficent and #1 supplement in Japan ! Watch your salt intake it you bloat and lemon water is vital to keeping our PH up! Acid and sugar create a happy cancer envioment!

Thanks for site!

Do you take a magnesium supplement? If so, of you don’t mind sharing, what is it? Has it helped you?

Me too. I would like to know where to buy these supplements.

Haven’t done D-RIBOSE going to add it have you found 5-HTP also to be helpful?

Go to a health food store or online to go Vitacost.com. For my fibromyalgia I take Fibro Malic It has your magnesium in it plus other good stuff for fibromyalgia.

Just drink lots of fluids. My sodium went down to 2 percent. I was very close to going into a coma. We must watch our stats

I take for my fibro a product called Fibro Malic ,ing.,mag.malete,MSM,Oliver leaf and some others it helps me.

@ I must take magnesium to stop the very, very painful cramps especially in the legs. When I get up out of the bed it takes much muscle power to get to the kitchen, feed the dogs and the cats. Then take my meds. I hold on waiting for the day that some energy comes back and I can take care of what needs to be done just living. Eventually it does come back and I enjoy until it comes back. Just enjoying life. Keep holding on and be strong again. Tomorrow I will go to church. peach4141444

Yes Peach we women need more magnesium who have fibro in particular There are many different ones out there for me Malete helps but if that doesn't help try another that's what I did till I found one that helped There is an old remedy for leg cramps ,pickle juice, sound crazy but it works I keep a jar of pickles in refreg .all the time I'm 75

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