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Can someone help with X-ray results?

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How bad is your pain? Lower back mainly?

I had x-rays done of thoracic and lumbar spine to check to see if I had more fractures and though no new fractures since 2021, the rest of it was pretty disturbing!

I can't tell much from your report other than that all of these results would cause lower back pain (I googled two), and though "trace," the anterolisthesis could cause nerve pain.

What are your symptoms? Glad you have no fractures but I am sure that is small comfort.

Did your doctor respond? My docs don't seem to bother anymore. Once I hit 70 I am "just old."

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More discomfort than what I would term disabling pain. I have a fairly high tolerance but did do two steroid injections. Because I know that they can be hard on the liver I'm being more cautious. Symptoms are some pain and general discomfort doing everything that I used to do without thought like sleep positions, wiping after a bm (did get a bidet attachment), lifting, bending at certain angles, being hugged robustly.
And I totally agree....medical care has changed it's relationship with this 76 yr. old woman. Last time I went to to the spine docs pa his parting advice was just live. Not bad advice in one sense but on reflection later I was and still am miffed. When I go back in two weeks it wii be a different story. I will let him know what I want from our appt even when the time exceeds 10 min.

I'm much closer to 80 than 70 and just had neurosurgery which was fabulous. It depends upon your problem, not your age.